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Hosted and developed by Radiosolution you might be interested to discover what Radiosolution can do for your Radio station or music website. Radiosolution will bring you to the top, we have done it before and many times over!

XLTRAX Radio Network is Canada’s number 1 choice for internet streaming radio

What started as a small example of our services is now known as one of North America’s most popular Internet Radio station. Founded by Radiosolution; XLTRAX Radio Network is proud of it’s enthusiastic community and is well received by music fans, fellow radio station owners and musicians, including amateur and professional DJ’s. XLTRAX rewards her loyal fans with a new incentive program. Not only does XLTRAX Radio Network offer an interesting and growing selection of music and video entertainment, lucrative music promotion is also available. Several advertisement possibilities prove that website owners can turn their radio station in a profitable business.

XLTRAX Radio network Offers 100% Free Internet Radio

Choose and tune in to your favorite channel from the XLTRAX Radio Network; 100% free and for as long as you want. Show some love in return by liking XLTRAX on Facebook, following XLTRAX on Twitter or Google+! You can also sign up to www.xltrax.com and benefit from XLTRAX’s new incentive program!

Music Station Channels Based On A Specific Genre

XLTRAX features a variety of music channels of free internet radio streaming. Programmed is managed by the XLTRAX team, who share their love for music with you! Currently you can listen to the main station featuring Electro, House & Club music mixed by live DJ’s from all over the world. Other stations include XLMAX playing TOP40 and pop music, XL Country and XL Indie, just to name a few!

Listen and Earn Gifts

XLTRAX wants to reward her loyal listeners with a new incentive program. That plus neat give-aways during radio shows and via Social Networking make great reasons to be tuned in to XLTRAX all the time!

Free Artist Promotion

XLTRAX offers free promotion to artists that submit their material, such as press releases, artist bio and a digital copy of their track in mp3 format. Elaborate promotion packages are available as well.

Start Your Own Radio Station

Live the dream! Transform your hobby into your very own radio franchise business on the XLTRAX Radio Network. Together with Radiosolution, XLTRAX offers all the tools that are required to run your own internet streaming radio. Choose a radio package and pay a monthly fee to cover the costs and begin your journey on radio waves.

Contact us about XLTRAX

Thank you for your interest in learning more about XLTRAX. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and comments. We would love to hear from you!

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