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No matter where in world have heard his energetic, professionally sounding and in demand voice. Voice artist “Dibblebee” or Derek Bullard’s voice over journey began from ground up in 2006 when he discovered and experimented with internet radio.

After his first start with Renegade radio and then co-founding he set out to start his own music network called On microphone and the his well-prepared professional sounding radio shows, Derek able to showcase his voice talent. Many other DJ’s were impressed with his voice and suddenly began to request shout outs, sweepers and even DJ intros. To his surprise they even paid him generously!

Becoming a voice artist

Derek had discovered a new passion. With every production his skills improved, gradually turning him into an experienced voice artist! Thanks to word of mouth and the power of internet many individuals and companies were requesting his voice for their commercials, videos, radio spots and short narrations.

Although Derek has specialized in productions for popular DJs he has been hired to voice work for video, and DVD film productions such as translated from French to English version of Homme Panache (The Rackman). He has created many commercials and radio spots for Internet and AM and FM radio as his local FM station CJMQ 88.9. Derek has opportunity to narrate many E-books and the voice for many technical instructional videos.

The Dibblebee Show

Going by his DJ radio personality “Dibblebee” you can listen to his syndicated show called “The Dibblebee Show”. There you can discover and enjoy new Dance and Electro music! Every show includes artist interview, the Jump Start Of Week and bonus track. The Dibblebee show caters to both artists, music professionals and fans.

Studio and Equipment

Today from Sherbrooke, Quebec CA, Derek continues make excellent professional productions. He has setup own in-house noise free studio. He has invested in best equipment the job properly and deliver high quality audio productions you may expect from professional voice artist!

Derek Bullard works with many other voice artists and talented musicians. He understands that each unique job requires the right voice. This is why Radiosolution offers other voices via our every growing voice bank! Have listen the demos and decide for yourself. It would his great pleasure to work with you project. Please contact him today. We look forward to becoming YOUR VOICE for job!

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