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Dibblebee offers professional and high quality productions at everyday competitive rates.

Prices vary from $7.99 for a basic 15 second voice script to $79.99 for a 90 second fully produced audio production like an elaborate radio commercial for example. Bigger projects like a training video or audio book narrations can be discussed via e-mail or live chat.


• Radio Imaging, DJ Intro’s and commercials

Fully produced audio solutions for radio consist of a professional voice, a music bed, unlimited sound FX, a digitally mastered Hard Copy and of course studio time resulting in a professional production that demands attention and get’s your message out!

• Audio Book Narration

From bedtime stories to motivational seminars we breath life into writing using the skills and dedication of a professional narrator. This always busy generation with no hands free to skip through the pages of your book will love to hear a good story told while standing in traffic or jogging through the park.

• Business Presentations

Give your presentation the look AND sound that captures and holds attention and interest of your prospects, associates or superiors. We`ll use convincing presentation tools, such as a tailored voice, or full sound design, including music and sound FX in a compelling and connecting fashion.

• Documentary Voiceover

Our voice talents will inject the right emotions to your still images that maintain the viewer interested and informed. As far as it concerns film we will follow the flow of the on-screen material and we will tell the story with the right pace and tone in an authorative and informed manner.

• DRTV Voiceover

Are you looking for a voice that will cause orders for your product to pour in? We have the voice that speaks the persuading, exciting and credible `language` Direct Response Television is known for.

• E-learning Voiceover

Give your online course or educational DVD the right voice, tone, pace and overall delivery. We understand that the voice is the student`s guide through the lessons. To make it a pleasant and motivating experience we will inject a comfortably professional and encouraging presence.

• Media Voice Imaging

We will create a distinctive voice image for your radio or television station that demands attention and breaks through the clutter. Our skilled voice artists announces the news with authority and an entertainment show with excitement and intensity. We will bring personalized detail to your radio show by creating an energetic DJ intro or voice and sound drops, combining our voice skills with music mixing expertise and sound FX.

• Voicemail and Prompts

In business a good first impression can be crucial. Your voice mail and On Hold message reflects the personality of your business and therefor it is not only important that the voice welcomes and informs the caller pleasantly and clearly. The voice must also encourage patience and keep them on-hold. Make On Hold Messaging one of your new marketing tools by providing valuable information about your website, your product or your special offers delivered by a polished voice that fits your company or brand.

• Training Video

Our professional voice over understands the cadence, tone and information slow of effective teaching and will add his skill to your script and video. Together we will create a pleasant and effective experience.


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