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Blood, sweat and tears are being spilled in order to finish in time before Christmas morningĀ  2012. Besides a totally rad lava lamp for his recording studio and a neat flashy sweater, this website will be Dibblebee’s big Christmas surprise. Although Dibblebee, a.k.a Derek B. Bullard, has been ruling the world of Internet Radio for over 14 years, the creation of was long overdue.

For over a decade and currently still he has been servicing many Internet and FM stations with their own web presence and audio production via a business he founded himself. To show and share his passion for music mixing and to present his knowledge of Internet Radio Dibblebee created; one of world first Internet Radio station’s. Currently numerous professional and amateur DJ’s from all over the world, including Dibblebee himself, play their shows on XLTRAX for thousands of listeners per day. Through his own endeavors, but also via community radio stations, local clubs, and various Internet and FM radio station ‘Dibblebee’ became a personality often heard and referred. I thought it was about time we added a dot-com to the name.

Although the creation of was supposed to be a big Christmas surprise, keeping it a secret has been pretty much impossible. With over 14 years of experience in server hosting , nothing goes by Dibblebee. So implementing a landing page on the front-end “in Santa’s name” instructing Dibs to stop snooping around and wait for Christmas, was crucial. Little did he know what magic was going on in the background.



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