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CJMQ Radio 88.9FM is one of the radio stations you can hear a customized version of The Dibblebee Show. It’s a station close to his heart, as it’s the only English broadcaster in his town Sherbrooke, located in french Quebec.

Under the moniker of RCBU, standing for Radio Club of Bishop’s University, CJMQ broadcast on the AM dial at 530 and via Carrier Current transmission (localized within particular physical structures) for some 40 years.

In 1987 CJMQ received its “Letters Patent”, officially incorporating as CJMQ Radio Bishop’s. Inc.

In 1995 CJMQ applied for and was granted a low power not-for-profit Campus & Community (C & C) FM radio license from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (C.R.T.C.). The major condition of a C & C radio license is that stations endeavor to provide an alternative source of news, information, and entertainment programming to that being offered by commercially oriented broadcasters within the same region. A focus on local content is of primary importance. Since the granting of an FM license, despite much turmoil, CJMQ has managed to provide just such a service.

25 watts of power allowed CJMQ’s signal to travel, with a limited degree of success, throughout the Town of Lennoxville and portions of Sherbrooke’s downtown core. Given the mountainous geography of this particular region the reception of a 25 watt radio signal was often troublesome however, leaving particular areas (such as Bishop’s University campus itself and one side of the main street in downtown Lennoxville) with a static filled signal throughout the majority of the broadcast day.

Given this trouble CJMQ applied to the C.R.T.C. for a boost to its broadcast power in November of 1997. Although a clearer signal was the initial goal of this application, the ensuing effect of a much wider coverage area was also desirable. In March of 1998 CJMQ was awarded a power increase to 500 watts. CJMQ officially began broadcasting to the population of the Eastern Townships at this increased power on June 1st, 1998.

November 17th 2003 the CRTC held a public hearing in Ottawa, among the applications being considered was the application of CJMQ to change its status from that of  a Campus Based Community Radio Station to that of a Community Radio Station. Since no interventions were filed, CJMQ was a non-appearing event. Three months went by and then we got the call from the CRTC, CJMQ’s application had been approved! We are now a full fledged Community Radio Station!

CJMQ is proud to be the English Radio Voice of the Eastern Townships. As the only locally produced English Broadcaster in the Eastern Townships with an estimated listenership of 30,000 and a broadcast reach of 70 km. CJMQ is clearly poised to serve our community.

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