Dibblebee Top 10 Dance Songs ft Jounce

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DJ Jounce was interviewed on Dibblebee Top 10 Dance Songs ft Jounce back in February 2016. You can listen to the whole show here on our website or on iTunes.

Jounce is an Electronic Dance Music Producer based in Los Angeles, California. Jounce is signed with 50/50 Global Muzik (Sony BMG). DJ Jounce has toured internationally in places like Miami, Las Vegas, Costa Rica, Seoul, Hong Kong etc. You may even have seen him at one of the largest music festivals in the US, Coachella.

When we first heard his music, we were very excited to play it. The track “Time to Get Blown” had all the potential to be a massive hit! It was a great privilege to have him on the Dibblebee show. The interview went out across the internet and left many wanting more.

You can contact DJ Jounce via his website here: https://djjounce.com

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/djjounce

Enjoy the Dibblebee show and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to broadcast this show on your radio station!

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