Dibblebee Electro Show21 2013 ft MicheleDeepe

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Michele Deepe on The Dibblebee ShowMichele Deepe on The Dibblebee Show

Another high energy podcast by Dibblebee brought to you in part by the XLTRAX network. You will easily recognize the first two tracks as they are some classic beats. We mix in great music by Steve Aoki, CJ Stone, Boyan and Boyer, Airwolf and so much more. Our guest on the show was Michele Deepe from www.micheledeepe.com and they did things just a little bit different, presenting us her song “Smile at the camera” and telling us in great detail the story and reason behind Michele Deepe. As usually you do not want to miss the jumpstart of the week for that little kickstart to your day with some positive words. Enjoy and please send us your comments!

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